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About Hydro-Tone

Hydro-Tone specializes in drag resistance training with their patented equipment designed to amplify the natural resistance of water to enhance performance in aquatic exercise and physical therapy. The equipment is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Aqua Fitness & Training

Hydro-Tone equipment is used worldwide for everything from general fitness and athletic training through to rehabilitation and recovery. Users can easily customise the level at which they work by adjusting the time or intensity at which they workout. The equipment is extremely versatile and an efficient way to: 

What to Expect

When you work out with Hydro-Tone equipment on a regular basis you can expect to see a huge improvement in both your physical and mental health. Here are just some of the benefits customers experience. 

Short Term

Long Term

What People Say About Us

After several shoulder injuries I am very limited to the types of exercises I could do. I had been using foam barbells for a while, but you can only do a handful of exercises. The Hydro-Tone Bells allow me to do almost any exercise that I could do with free weights, the design also allows me to control the resistance, the harder you move the more resistance you get. Several members at my gym have tried them, and have since purchased. The gym owner is also buying a pair.
R O'Connor